Harmonising massage

Forget for a moment the hectic pace of everyday life by discovering wellness and relaxation, enjoying the benefits of a personalized massage inspired by Eastern relaxation techniques.

This harmonising massage is made up of various types of motion: rubbing, smoothing, kneading, tapping and acupressure. You are dressed in a loose and comfortable outfit.

Please note that it is not necessary to choose between the three one-hour energy therapies before your appointment. We can determine the best one to suit your needs on the day. We may also combine them in a 1h30 treatment


Harmonising Massage & Brazilian Technique Toe Massage ~ 1h, 80 € / 1h30, 110 €

You remain dressed. You will be lying on your stomach and on your back.

The Brazilian toe massage technique uses acupressure points on the toes toentice deep relaxation and activate elimination of toxins.

This technique reduces stress and emotional imbalances. It calms down the nervous system and body pain, restless leg syndrome. It also helps relieving insomnia, nausea and oedema (swelling).


Wellness Balancing & Black Pearl Sanctuary Massage  ~ 1h, 80 € / 1h30, 110 €

 You remain dressed, and will be lying on your stomach and then on your back.

This method called the Black Pearl sanctuary calms the triple warmer meridian (energy system whose main purpose is to ensure your survival) by maintaining a very light pressure on a series of points on the head and face.

It enables your triple warmer meridian to really relax and brings you to a state of well-being and deep relaxation. If you are feeling stressed or confused, the Black Pearl sanctuary will help you clarify your thoughts and calm your emotions.


Wellness Balancing Massage & Chakra clearing ~ 1h, 80 € / 1h30, 110 €

You remain dressed. You are lying on your stomach and then on your back.

If your body or your life feels a bit clogged up, chances are your chakra energies are too. It is valuable to clear yourself of these new and old toxic energies. In doing so the body can better adapt to the trials of everyday life.

The chakras govern the endocrine system, so by balancing your chakras you will also balance your hormones and therefore your emotions. By working on your chakras you feel more focused and grounded.

Harmonising Massage for Children ~ 50 mn, 55 €

The child remains dressed. S.He is lying down on the stomach and then on the back.

This energy balancing massage reduces tension, helps bringing calm and finding a new harmony with one’s body. Children also suffer the stresses and strains of daily life and are incredibly receptive to such therapy.

This training was carried out with Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program 

« These techniques have no therapeutic or medical purposes. They have no sexual connotation. »

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In Chinese tradition medicine, Triple warmer appears as a meridian. He is the body gard, in charge of keeping us alive, the one who reacts in fight, flight or freez mode.

This essential to our survival energy system has not had time to adapt to the modern world that has evolved so rapidly over the past century. It is constantly attacked by noise, pollution, magnetic fields, additives in our food and in the water we drink, the pace of our lives too intense for our bodies, etc.

It is difficult to differentiate between what is a ‘real enemy’ and a simple modern invention. In short, it is constantly over-stimulated and in a state of defence.

The triple heater can rarely relax and be truly free in this state, causing many problems in many people (difficulty falling asleep, irritability, panic attacks, dietary imbalances and other addictive behaviours)

>> Learn more about the chakras

chakras-couleur-flechesThe word chakra means disc, vortex or wheel. The seven main chakras are energy centres around the base of the spine to the top of the head. These are primarily centres of consciousness; they are the most subtle part of our being. They make up part of our anatomy energy and are located at the crossroads of our spiritual, mental, and physical energy fabric.

There are seven main chakras, but there are others, around the hands, the feet, the shoulders and at every joint. They are not part of the physical organs, but fall within the subtle body.

However, they are related with the nervous plexuses, endocrine glands and certain organs, depending on their location. Similarly, any emotional and mental activity and certain feelings are associated to them.

The chakras are involved in the structure and activity of the physical body, the vital energy and the various states of consciousness. All chakras are connected with each other and operate interdependently.

Furthermore, the memory is energetically encoded into your chakras, just as it is chemically in your neurons. Track of all the important and emotionally rich events you have experienced and everything you experienced is recorded in the energy of your chakras.