Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Facial Lympho-Energie Drainage Therapy 1h : 80 € 

drainage2A session lasts 50 minutes. You will be lying down on your back and dressed.

This gentle drainage therapy gives you a natural facelift, stimulates collagen, increases cell renewal, firms and helps to detox skin tissue such as on the face or helps with swollen eyelids. It reduces smaller problems such as dull complexion(s), blotches, acne, etc.), and stimulates circulation. The stimulation of the energy points along the Chinese meridians enhances this action.

The therapy benefits are even greater; wrinkles fade, skin becomes much healthier, more supple and better hydrated, the oval shape of the face becomes more modelled, the complexion lighter and the mind clearer. Your face will be pure and radiant again!

Please note that facial drainage therapies are carried out on make-up free faces. If you are wearing make-up, please have some make-up remover handy.

Body Lympho-Energie Drainage Therapy 1h30 : 110 €

A session lasts 1 hour 20 minutes. You will be lying down in your underwear on your stomach and then on your back. This therapy is uniquely reserved for women.
The essential oils and virgin vegetable oils are 100% pure and natural.

drainage1Lymphatic drainage Therapy aims to boost the lymphatic system to release toxins and to efficiently fight against cellulite, water retention, heavy legs, circulatory problems, stress and loss of vitality.

Since lymph vessels are quite sensitive, movements are soft with light pressure points. The aim of drainage is to have toxins purify themselves from the body as gently as possible within a backdrop of relaxation …

Therapy treatment also helps to refine the silhouette. Indeed, when too much fat storage takes place in the body, blood and lymph vessels are compressed by enlarged fat cells. This causes poor drainage of water and toxins. This phenomenon of water retention and skin degeneration of collagen fibres is responsible for the stretch marks on your skin and cellulite.

It is possible to combine both the body and facial drainage sessions in a 2-hour session.

“Lymphatic drainage therapy is performed on healthy, undamaged skin. It is necessary to be in a good state of health to receive it and not to be under strong medication. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor”

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A lymph is an ally to health and beauty. It represents 15% of body weight and cleanses most of our tissues by purifying and regenerating. It is carried in its toxin currents and large molecules, which the venous system is unable to recover. Lymphs manage our immune system and provide nutrients to the cells, passing through the lymph nodes.

It also carries lymphocytes throughout the body, the white blood cells responsible for the development of antibodies. We understand the role of lymphs in the fabric of our tissues and its importance to our overall wellbeing. It is one of the most noble body fluids in the human organism (96% water).

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When you are carrying out lymphatic drainage you are washing water from the body. The lymph carries stagnant toxins (microbes, chemicals, etc.) in its flow, which the venous system is unable to recover. In cases of overflowing, the water is redistributed. Unlike blood, a lymph does not have “pump” system, which is why its circulation flow is low.

Its pace slows when we breathe badly, such as when we are stressed, are lacking exercise or are fatigued. The chemicals found in what we eat and in our environment (artificial colourings, preservatives, pollution, etc.) also place extra work on our organism.

As the lymph circulates just under the skin its vessels are very fragile, its movement gestures are extremely delicate. The therapist’s fingers perform wave movements to encourage harmonious muscle contractions, located in the lymphatic vessels (the “lymphangions” or “small hearts” lymphatic vessels).

A lymphatic drainage session lasts a minimum time of one hour, because the lymph changes in consistency only after a half hour, then it passes from the gel state to a fluid solution. Drainage is much less effective below a half hour.

Drainage movements are extremely soft and light as the lymph flows just beneath the epidermis. In order not to traumatize the tissue, there is never a “rolling massage” at this stage, just small delicate movements, which can be surprising at first, but are nevertheless effective.

Features of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy®

Lymphatic drainage therapy is contacted by two lymph accesses, one fluid and the other energy. It is here where regenerating and toning form a real synergy.

What is this Qi energy -pronounced Tchi- we hear more and more about?

Subtle channels cross the body where intangible currents flow. For the Chinese, Qi evokes breathing, movement, the force of life. It is divided into two complementary elements: the Yin and Yang. There is no life without energy.

Energy channels or meridians run through our bodies. There are twelve main ones. Each is associated with an organ.

During Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, the therapist performs light strokes along the path of the meridians. Drainage goes very well with Chinese energy because it cleanses the body and maintains the interior. The circulation, whether it is blood or lymph, is our internal environment, it is what keeps us alive, it needs energy to circulate.

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Chinese medicine refers to “meridians” as the energy channels. They allow the energy to flow in the body and to therefore help the body to function.

There are very many points on each meridian (the famous acupuncture points of Chinese medicine) on which it is possible to intervene to help the body fight against disease or to tone specific body parts in a preventive capacity.

Modern science has discovered by measuring the electrical charges that acupuncture points have a lower electrical resistance than the rest of the skin.

This confirms that the surrounding energy enters our bodies through these points and then goes into the energy channels and mingles with energy meridians.

Therefore, when we press, tap and prick them with needles these points will have particular effects on the muscles and the surrounding tissue cells, but also on the Meridian path concerned.

Meridians total 12 in number and are the main pillar of acupuncture or shiatsu. They scan the head, chest, abdomen and at times in the front of the body, and at times in the back and form a closed circulation system. Each Meridian has its own path, energy zone and corresponds to an organ, a bowel or body function whose name it bears.